4x4 Off Roading Leicester,Leicester

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  • Market Harborough 4x4 Off Roading

    From£30.00 ppMin.Age14

    commute14 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    The Off Road action at our phenomenal Market Harborough Off Roading Centre is so breathtaking and challenging that you'll have no idea how you've m...

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  • Corby 4x4 Off Roading

    From£99.00 ppMin.Age17

    commute20 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    Test your off-road driving skills to the max with a visit to our fantastic venue – perfectly placed in the heart of the charming Leicestershire countryside.

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  • Warwick,Warwickshire 4x4 Off Roading

    From£64.99 ppMin.Age8

    commute30 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    Your off road driving skills are going to be pushed to the absolute limit at our Warwick venue.Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge?

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  • Grantham 4x4 Off Roading

    From£74.99 ppMin.Age12

    commute32 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    An accredited member of the British Off Road Driving Association(BORDA),this off-road driving centre is the perfect place to test yourself and t...

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  • Nottingham 4x4 Off Roading

    From£20.00 ppMin.Age16

    commute34 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    Whether it’s testing your driving skills to the max or immersing yourself in an epic target sport challenge,your visit with us is sure to be a memorable one.

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  • Nottingham-Mansfield 4x4 Off Roading

    From£109.99 ppMin.Age17

    commute35 milesfrom Leicester,Leicester

    Our stonking 4x4 vehicles eat muddy ditches,water hazards and steep inclines for breakfast!There is no better place to experience the exhilaratin...

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