When it came to organising this year's Christmas party the bosses gave me a few ideas of what they were after, but they basically wanted something a bit more exciting than the standard staff night out. After looking into a couple of different options I decided to book a 4x4 off-road driving experience, which went down really well with the guys at the office. The bosses were well up for giving it a go too so I booked it pretty much straight away.

After a busy week at work everybody was really excited about our off-road driving experience, so when we arrived and the site and it was tipping it down it didn't dampen our spirits at all. During the briefing the instructor told us all the rain would make our experience even more fun, and he wasn't wrong! The briefing covered some of the different driving techniques too, which meant we knew how to tackle some of the most difficult obstacles.. in theory.

In total there were 12 of us taking on the course, so we split into small teams and took it in turns to drive. The whole team were in the 4x4 at once though, and thankfully we had an instructor on board too. Even though we took it in turns to take the wheel we got loads of driving time, and when you're not at the wheel it's almost as much fun being a passenger.

The course itself was amazing and all the obstacles were completely natural, which really makes you appreciate what the 4x4s are capable of. The rain undoubtedly made things trickier though, but it definitely made things more exciting too. As we worked our way round the course we had to climb some massive hills and get out of some seriously sticky ditches. But the highlight was the water crossing, and how we didn't end up swimming beyond me!

Thankfully we made it back in one piece and everybody had really enjoyed taking on the course. Our off-road driving experience was a massive improvement on the standard staff night out, and even the bosses loved it!