Below are the 5 nearest locations to Colchester.

  • Newmarket

    Min. Age 17

    33 miles from Colchester

    Visit our magnificent 60 acre site based in Newmarket - featuring a whole host of challenging environments that will put your driving skills to the test!

  • Thetford

    Min. Age 13

    35 miles from Colchester

    You won't be disappointed if you're looking to test your driving skills to the extreme - you'll be able to do just that at our epic Thetford 4X4 Off-Road Driving venue!
  • West Malling

    Min. Age 11

    47 miles from Colchester

    A day spent behind the wheel of a meaty 4x4 Off-Road vehicle is a day that wont be soon forgotten! We have some excellent terrain and in places seemigly impossible ground conditions but the vehicles are up to the job - are you?

  • Ashford

    Min. Age 12

    48 miles from Colchester

    Set in Kent’s rolling countryside and offering stunning views of the North Down’s Way, it has a fantastic and challenging natural off road site with a plethora of diverse terrain to showcase the amazing capabilities and extreme aspects of 4×4 vehicles.
    Looked after by our qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate and committed to providing professional instruction and enjoy passing on their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for off road driving.

  • Wyboston, Bedfordshire

    Min. Age 17

    54 miles from Colchester

    Tackle steep drops, axle twists, mega ascents and amazing tailor-made obstacles as you get behind the wheel of our monstrously powerful 4x4 vehicles!

"Chris was a very good instructor, clear with his instructions but laid back"

Jay Barron, West Malling 4x4 Off Road Driving

RATED 3.3 out of 5

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